Evolution of quality governance in agile ecosystems
Vicente Martínez
Track 3 15:15h - 16:00h June 1st

In today's world of technology, quality is a critical factor for business success. IT organisations have undergone a revolution in recent years, where agile approaches have become the norm for improving efficiency and speed in software delivery. However, implementing agile processes can be challenging when it comes to quality assurance.

In this talk, Vicente Martínez will discuss how organisations can evolve their quality governance in agile environments. IT organisations often face difficulties in managing quality assets in agile environments. Constantly changing customer requirements and frequent product delivery can make it difficult to manage and maintain quality throughout the software lifecycle. In addition, organisations may struggle to foster an agile organisational culture that promotes quality.

In the course of the talk, you will see relevant aspects for managing the aforementioned problems, as well as how to implement a good QA administration, focused on 4 fundamental pillars: processes and methodologies, tools, metrics and indicators and knowledge management. Experience gained in the field of quality assurance, quality control and quality engineering has enabled Vicente’s company to develop effective strategies to help organisations evolve their quality governance in agile environments.


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topic Agile Testing
level General Level
time 40 mins + 5 mins Q+A
language Talk in Spanish

What you'll learn

After having participated in this talk, you will learn valuable insights on how to address the difficulties organisations face in managing quality in agile environments, and how to establish effective quality policies and practices to ensure success in agile projects.


Vicente Martínez

Vicente is a civil engineer in Computer Science and Informatics with 13 years of experience in software quality. Graduated in Engineering Sciences and ISTQB Certified, he has held several roles and led QA areas in different organisations. Originally from Chile and based in Spain with his family, he enjoys travelling and exploring new places and cultures. His meticulous approach and deep knowledge of software development has allowed him to solve problems and face diverse scenarios. Vicente is recognized for his commitment to excellence and innovation, standing out as a capable and passionate leader in creating quality solutions in the technology industry.


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