2021 Speakers


Almudena Vivanco

Almudena of mathematical vocation has been dedicated to performance engineering for 17 years. Almudena has worked on projects with high traffic and high availability from online television platforms, job portals, security proxies and now in a European retail retailer. For 11 years she has been actively involved in the dissemination of devops and performance culture in Spain. She is also an activist for the integration of female talent in STEM as an ambassador for Girls in Tech Spain.


Andreas Cederström

Andreas is a consultant at factor10, he is passionate about writing code and delivering true business value. Throughout his career he has been working closely with business and domain experts building consumer oriented web applications. Andreas has been involved in startups, government agencies, telecom industry as well as international distributed teams and is always ready to take on a new challenge.


Andrei Danilov

Born and raised professionally in the Agile era, with a multi-industry experience: banking, real-estate, telecom, insurance, internet security throughout a handful of platforms: backend, frontend, mobile, desktop, Andrei has always found himself challenging the state of the art of Software Development, classical QA and testing approaches, throughout the different activities he has engaged with: from manual to automation testing, handling product functional to non-functional requirements, executing to architect solutions implementations, and leading QA departments and activities.


Antonio Robres

Antonio Robres is currently Test Architect in SCRM Lidl Digital Hub in Barcelona. He studied Telecommunications Science in UPC and he got a mba in Telecommunications Management. He is working for 12 years in the field of software testing and QA engineering for different companies as Telefónica, Gas Natural and Grifols. His work focuses in the design and automatization of a variaty of projects of testing, usually for web services. He is a regular in international conferences.


Ard Kramer

Ard is a software tester from the Netherlands and is currently working for OrangeCrest. He calls himself a Qualisopher which stands for someone “who loves truth and wisdom and at the same time is decisive to improve man and his environment”. This means he is interested in the world around us, to see what he can learn, and he can apply in software testing. His dream is to participate, as a good qualisopher, in all kind of projects such as sports, culture or software testing. Projects which add value to our community: he wants to inspire other people by cooperation, fun and empathy and hopefully bring light in someone's life.


Cristian Serrano

Development Lead in the innovation lab of Sogeti Spain (SogetiLabs Spain). He started his professional career at Sogeti involved in many agile squads for innovation projects. Currently he is leading the DevOps Squad at Sogeti Labs focusing the effort in Quality Assurance and Microsoft technology. He is graduated in Telecommunication engineering, and he has a Master's degree in Internet of Things.


David Marcas

David has been working for years in IT acquiring different functional competencies in systems validations, testing processes and systems administration. During the last years he has been involved in different projects and activities where he had the opportunity to deepen in his knowledge of automation.


Fredrik Håård

Fredrik Håård is a freelance developer and data engineer with over ten years of contracting and entrepreneurial experience. As a data engineer and devops expert, he has both been running entire data science projects as the only data engineer and devops resource among data scientists and analysts, but also been a member of well-established Big Data teams in mature projects in boring industries. He has taught Python for testers and for data scientists as well as devops and advanced development topics for developers.


Gloriana Aguirre

Gloriana Aguirre Ruiz is a technology specialist, having a degree in Computer Engineering, a masters in Business Administration and is currently doing a masters in Business Analytics and Big Data Strategy. She has over 10 years of experience in Software Quality, Quality Offices as a service and knowledge in traditional and agile development methodologies. She has been working for 5 years in Business Intelligence (BI), Datawarehouse, ETLs and Reporting projects. In addition, she works with Datalakes, Big Data treatment and machine learning that helps complement her profile. She has extensive knowledge in ITIL, ISTQB, Software Development, Continuous Integration CI / CD, Scrum, Lean and SixSigma.


Kateryna Sprynsian

Kateryna Sprynsian started her career as a QA trainee in SoftwareMacKiev, Ukraine, over 6 years ago. Since then Kateryna changed few companies and grew a lot as a specialist testing web, mobile and writing automation tests. Four years ago, she joined the Badoo iOS team in London, where she continued to evolve with the company. And since then she lived happily ever after.


Rebekka Haisch

Rebekka Haisch (M. Sc. in Industrial Engineering) is the product manager for software solutions at Magna Telemotive. She is responsible for the further development of the test automation tool according to the customer's needs. Rebekka is a Professional Scrum Master and implements agile development frameworks such as Scrum in her daily work.


Rick Tracy

Rick Tracy is an avid test philosopher, constantly digging into themes and activities in testing. With a background in retail, banking, medicine, psychology and of course information technology, Rick enjoys exploring how all converge in new experiences and scintillating debate. Whether as a tester, manager, pathfinder, scrummaster or coach, Rick always find himself drawn to the wild open exchange of ideas and techniques in any testing event.
When not at work Rick enjoys spending time with his newborn twin boys, his wife and his cats, or settling in for a good reading or writing session. Come and talk to him about anything!


Rob Lambert

Rob Lambert on a mission to make management more interesting, rewarding and fun. It's an uphill struggle. Rob started his career as a software tester, then an Engineering Manager and then he made the logical move sideways to HR, before setting up his own Management Consulting company. When he's not talking all things management - he writes books, help parents remain employable, takes photos of cars, explores the English countryside with his family and writes TV/Film scripts.


Rob Sabourin

Rob Sabourin has more than thirty-five years of management experience leading teams of software development professionals. A highly-respected member of the software engineering community, Rob has managed, trained, mentored, and coached hundreds of top professionals in the field. He frequently speaks at conferences and writes on software engineering, SQA, testing, management, and internationalization. Rob authored I am a Bug!, the popular software testing children's book; works as an adjunct professor of software engineering at McGill University; and serves as the principal consultant (and president/janitor) of AmiBug.Com, Inc.


Ru Cindrea

Ru Cindrea is a Senior Test Consultant and Managing Partner at Altom Consulting. With more than ten years of experience in software testing, she is particularly interested in mobile testing and test automation with a special interest in mobile games. Ru is an instructor for the Black Box Software Testing series offered by Altom in collaboration with KFA. She is also one of the maintainers for AltUnityTester, an open source tool for Unity automation.


Sami Söderblom

Sami is one of Finland's leading experts in context-driven quality practices. He has over fifteen years of history from a variety of testing and quality leadership positions in nearly twenty different business domains. He's a colorful blogger, award winning author of industry publications and a co-founder of Software Testing Finland, a local context-driven testing community. He regularly shares experiences from his domain of expertise in domestic and international events. Currently he works as a Testing & DevOps Coach at Elisa and as a consultant via his company Happy Monkey.


Sanne Visser

Sanne Visser won the EuroSTAR Rising STAR Award in 2018, and she has been working on how to test blockchain applications ever since. Sanne has built a taxonomy and she is now validating and extending the model. Sanne has been testing blockchain applications since 2017 and she gives workshops, tutorials and talks on the subject frequently. Sanne is also the president of the Blockchain Testing Community and works with them on improving testers understanding how blockchain works and how to test blockchain applications.


Sergio Sacristán

Sergio Sacristán is a Software Architect with over 10 years’ experience in JEE architecture. He currently he works at Roche Diagnostics as Test Architect, where he is responsible for defining and manage the test architecture. Sergio is passionate about best practices, clean code and enjoys learning every day as well as sharing his findings with his team mates.


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